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Where can I find out who are the top ten power producers in the U.S. and the kind of power they produce?


The following websites present this information in various ways.

  1. The EIA State Electricity Profiles website has links to utility statistics and rankings, a map showing largest generating plants and primary generating fuels, and many excellent tables and lists such as:

    • Five Largest Plants
    • Top Five Utilities Ranked by Retail Sales Revenue Within the State

  2. EIA Performance Profiles of Major Energy Producers 2009. (primarily petroleum companies). Released February 2011. Since discontinued. For more information, note that there is a contact name on the website.
  3. Fortune 500 companies.
  4. The annual Natural Resources Defense Council report, the Benchmarking Air Emissions Of The 100 Largest Electric Power Producers In The United States has charts, graphs, and commentary.
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