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Posted Date Title Company City State Close Date
3/12/2015 Senior Business Services Specialist PacifiCorp Portland OR 4/20/2015
3/16/2015 Senior Fuel Administrator-​150304 PacifiCorp Salt Lake City UT 5/1/2015
3/24/2015 Senior Rate Analyst Ecova Cincinnati OH 4/23/2015
3/24/2015 Learning and Development Intern Ecova Atlanta GA 4/23/2015
3/26/2015 Building Systems Specialist Ecova Atlanta, GA or St.​ Paul, MN AA 5/1/2015
3/26/2015 Manager, Financial Accounting Ecova Spokane WA 4/24/2015
4/1/2015 HR Business Partner Ecova Spokane WA 5/2/2015
4/3/2015 Field Coordinator -​ Part Time Ecova Las Vegas NV 5/3/2015
4/7/2015 Building Systems Specialist Ecova AA 5/7/2015
4/7/2015 Utility Sales Director Ecova AA 5/6/2015
4/10/2015 Project Lead, Waste Solutions Ecova Spokane WA 5/10/2015
4/10/2015 Account Representative, Waste Solutions Ecova Spokane WA 5/9/2015
4/10/2015 Senior Field Coordinator Ecova Cincinnati OH 5/9/2015
4/14/2015 Sr.​ Software Engineer Ecova Spokane WA 5/14/2015
4/14/2015 Primary Salesforce.​com (SFDC) Administrator Ecova Portland OR 5/14/2015
4/14/2015 Pools Field Coordinator Ecova Tucson AZ 5/14/2015
4/16/2015 Assistant Controller Ecova Spokane WA 5/16/2015
4/16/2015 Senior Administrative Coordinator Ecova Portland OR 5/16/2015