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Posted Date Title Company City State Close Date
6/25/2015 Senior Manager -​ Program Development Livingston Energy Innovations Mill Valley CA 8/31/2015
7/3/2015 Senior Data Integration Engineer Ecova Spokane WA 8/4/2015
7/8/2015 Energy Advisor I Franklin Energy Services, LLC Raleigh NC 8/10/2015
7/8/2015 Regulatory Analyst II Dominion Resources Richmond VA 8/10/2015
7/8/2015 Engineer III Dominion Chester VA 8/7/2015
7/8/2015 Technical Specialist I Dominion Chester VA 8/7/2015
7/9/2015 Enterprise Data Architect Ecova Spokane WA 8/8/2015
7/9/2015 Engineer I -​ Electrical, Mechanical or Civil Dominion Surry VA 8/8/2015
7/9/2015 HR Business Partner Ecova Atlanta GA 8/8/2015
7/13/2015 Cash Reconciliation Specialist Ecova Spokane WA 8/12/2015
7/13/2015 Senior Proposal Writer Ecova Portland OR 8/12/2015
7/14/2015 Payment Processor Ecova Spokane WA 8/13/2015
7/14/2015 Incentive Processing Analyst Ecova Portland OR 8/13/2015
7/14/2015 Executive Assistant Ecova Atlanta GA 8/14/2015
7/14/2015 Associate Financial Analyst, Financial Analyst, Senior Financial Analyst, Senior Financial Analysis Specialist Dominion Richmond VA 8/14/2015
7/14/2015 Senior Project Engineer Dominion East Ohio Akron OH 8/14/2015
7/15/2015 Senior Regional Director/​RVP New Berlin New Berlin WI 8/14/2015
7/16/2015 Mulitfamily Product Manager Franklin Energy Services, LLC WI 8/15/2015
7/17/2015 Associate Sourcing Specialist Dominion Glen Allen VA 8/16/2015
7/17/2015 Senior IT Project Manager Ecova Spokane WA 8/16/2015
7/17/2015 Payment Specialist Ecova Spokane WA 8/16/2015
7/20/2015 Gas Transportation Analyst I Transmission Operations Center Cayce SC 8/20/2015
7/21/2015 Engineer III (Gas Transmission Pipeline Construction) Transmission Operations Center Cayce SC 8/21/2015
7/21/2015 Project Manager Franklin Energy Services, LLC Madison WI 8/20/2015
7/21/2015 Facility Expense Services Specialist I Ecova St.​ Paul, MN or Spokane MN 8/21/2015
7/28/2015 Field Coordinator Ecova Las Vegas NV 8/27/2015
7/28/2015 Associate Application Support Engineer Ecova Spokane WA 8/27/2015
7/28/2015 Energy Engineer II Franklin Energy Services, LLC Madison WI 8/28/2015
7/28/2015 Manager, Financial Shared Services Ecova WA 8/28/2015
7/28/2015 Program Manager Ecova Los Angeles or Portland CA 8/28/2015
7/30/2015 Client Representative, U-​EDM Ecova Spokane WA 8/29/2015
7/30/2015 Gas Controller I Dominion East Ohio Cleveland OH 8/29/2015
7/31/2015 Energy Efficiency, Program Analyst Ecova Portland OR 8/30/2015
7/31/2015 Power Storekeeper Trainee Dominion Freeman VA 8/30/2015
7/31/2015 Director of Energy and Member Services Flathead Electric Cooperative Kalispell MT 8/19/2015
8/3/2015 Senior Program Manager Franklin Energy Services, LLC Chicago IL 9/3/2015
8/3/2015 Program Analytics Data Coordinator Ecova Philadelphia PA 9/2/2015
8/3/2015 ITRI-​Rosenfeld Postdoctoral Fellowship (Energy Technologies Area) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Berkeley CA 11/1/2015
8/4/2015 Energy Technology Program Specialist Department of Energy Washington DC DC 8/11/2015
8/4/2015 Energy Project Specialist Department of Energy, Energy Efficiency &​ Renewable Energy Washington DC DC 8/21/2015
8/4/2015 Interdisciplinary General Engineer/​Physical Scientist Department of Energy, Energy Efficiency &​ Renewable Energy Washington DC DC 8/21/2015