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Posted Date Title Company City State Close Date
4/28/2015 Manager, U-​EDM Operations Ecova Cincinnati OH 5/28/2015
4/29/2015 Associate Graphic and Web Designer Ecova Portland OR 5/29/2015
5/1/2015 Engineer-​ Pipeline Integrity and Corrosion Dominion East Ohio Cleveland OH 5/31/2015
5/1/2015 Incentive Processing Specialist Ecova Portland OR 5/31/2015
5/2/2015 Field Pool Pump Technician Ecova Las Vegas NV 6/1/2015
5/7/2015 Program Manager Ecova Detroit MI 6/7/2015
5/11/2015 Client Representative, U-​EDM Ecova Spokane WA 6/11/2015
5/13/2015 Senior Incentive Processing Specialist Ecova Portland OR 6/13/2015
5/14/2015 Program Analyst Ecova Portland OR 6/14/2015
5/14/2015 Software Quality Assurance Engineer Ecova Portland OR 6/13/2015
5/20/2015 Utility Client Manager Ecova Portland OR 6/19/2015
5/20/2015 Enterprise Data Architect Ecova Spokane WA 6/19/2015
5/20/2015 Executive Assistant Ecova Sandy Springs GA 6/19/2015